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Tumorbank @ UZA: advancing translational research in oncology

Tumorbank @ UZA: advancing translational research in oncology

Tumorbank @ UZA of the Antwerp University Hospital (UZA) is in charge of the collection, storage and exchange of residual tissue and blood of oncologic patients. Its main objective is to contribute to translational cancer research.

The biobank was set up in 2009 in the context of the National Cancer Plan Initiative 27, which aims to create a national virtual tumor bank containing the data of the different Belgian tumor banks. These data are available for national and international cancer research in an academic, medical and industrial context.

Tumorbank @ UZA follows standard procedures for the collection and storage of human biological materials and the related data. These guidelines for biobanking are based on the criteria of international organisations:

Tumorbank @ UZA is part of the Multidisciplinary Oncologic Centre of Antwerp (MOCA) and the pathology department of UZA. There is a close collaboration with the clinical biology lab of UZA and the oncologic research group of the Anwerp University. Collaboration with external hospitals ensures a large sample diversity.

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