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UZA@home, the patient portal of the UZA

UZA@home, the patient portal of the UZA


What is UZA@ home?

The patient portal of the UZA supports and guides you during your care programme in our hospital. Together with our healthcare providers, you can follow all the steps of your treatment and recovery process online. Keep track of your parameters on a regular basis, read all the information when it suits you and prepare for your hospital visit optimally from a distance. 

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Terms of use and privacy

Your healthcare provider invites you to create an account on the UZA@ home patient portal. By creating an account, you confirm that the UZA may share data with you, as a patient, via the UZA@ home platform. Data that you, as a patient, share via the platform may be processed by the UZA in the same way as other data in the context of the care that the UZA provides to you as a patient. Read the complete privacy statement of the UZA here (NL). For more information and questions, please contact dpo [at] uza [dot] be.

What advantages does UZA@ home offer you? 

Read your medical record

Via UZA@ home, you can consult your medical record at any time. It contains, among other things, your lab results, documents and allergies. Let our care providers know if any information is incorrect or incomplete. This is how we build your integrated record together.

You can read the part of your medical record that is understandable to you. Your healthcare provider will see a more extensive version of your dossier.
Can I view my child's medical record? Yes, as a parent or guardian you can view your child's medical record. Read here how to register your child on UZA@home.

Prepare your operation or consultation

Do you have to fill in a pre-operative questionnaire? Then you will receive an invitation in advance by e-mail to fill in the questionnaire via UZA@ home.

Be honest about your health condition. This will allow your healthcare provider to map out the most appropriate treatment path for you.

An overview of your appointments

Check via UZA@ home which consultations and procedures are planned for you. Also read how you can prepare for your appointment. Scheduled admissions and day hospitalisations are not yet included in the overview in this version of the UZA@ home. 

Customised information

Every patient follows his or her personal pathway at the UZA. That is why we also want to make your pathway digitally transparent. We regularly send you information about your condition, examination or procedure so that you can prepare well for your meeting with the healthcare provider, or just reread everything after your visit to the UZA.

As a patient, you are actively involved in your pathway.

Tele- and videoconsultation

Consultations that do not have to take place in the hospital can be conducted by tele- or video-consultation. No overcrowded waiting rooms and it saves you a trip to the UZA.


You can pass on vital parameters up to several times a day via devices that are connected to UZA@ home. The data is sent directly to UZA@ home, allowing your caregiver to remotely monitor your health condition. This way, you can stay in your home environment under the continuous supervision of a medical team.

UZA@ home helpdesk

For technical assistance, contact the UZA@ home support team at support [dot] uzaathome [at] uza [dot] be. Our support team is available on weekdays from 9am to 12 noon and from 1pm to 5pm.

You can also visit the UZA@ home helpdesk in the entrance hall to install the app. This helpdesk is available on weekdays from 9am to 12 noon and from 2pm to 4pm.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Read back here frequently asked questions about using UZA@home.

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Terms of use and privacy

Please read the terms of use and privacy before creating an account at UZA@ home.