House Rules for Patients and Visitors

House Rules for Patients and Visitors

Patients and visitors are welcome to the UZA. To ensure a pleasant and safe environment for everyone, we have established some house rules. These rules outline what you can expect from us and what we expect from you during your visit to our hospital. The house rules apply in the hospital and its surrounding areas, such as the parking area.

"We" refers to patients, visitors, suppliers, employees, general practitioners, and basically anyone entering the UZA.


We treat each other with respect, being courteous and polite at all times. We respect each other's beliefs, customs, values, appearances, and opinions. We fulfill our commitments and avoid judgment or discrimination. We also respect each other's need for (nighttime) rest. You are allowed to use your phone, but please take into account the people aorund you.

Theft and vandalism

We not only treat each other respectfully but also respect each other's belongings. We do not unnecessarily dirty or damage anything. We do not take items that belong to others.

Everyone is responsible for their personal belongings. The UZA is not liable for theft or loss.

If a patient is unable to take care of their belongings, it is the patient's responsibility to entrust them to family members or a companion during outpatient examinations. When a patient is admitted, "unattended" belongings are first offered to family members or a representative if available. If this is not possible, these belongings will be stored securely within the ward.


Practical Tips

  • Do not leave money or wallets unattended.
  • Bring as little money as possible and leave jewelry at home.
  • Report suspicious circumstances.
  • Leave your car at home while staying with us.

If you have lost something during your visit to the UZA, please fill out this form. We will follow up on your request for up to 3 months to see if your lost item is found. We will call you once it has been found, and you can retrieve it at the reception desk (on weekdays from 6:30 AM to 8:00 PM, and on weekends and public holidays from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM).


We prioritize your privacy. We adhere to the principles outlined in our privacy policy.


Aggressive behavior, whether verbal or non-verbal, is not tolerated. This includes threats, insults, physical assault, or any other form of aggression. Such incidents will be reported to the police.

Smoking, alcohol, and drugs

We are a smoke-free hospital. Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas outside the hospital:

  • across from the UZA entrance
  • near the exit of the Kinsbergen Auditorium (route 12)

Please use the ashtrays provided and do not throw cigarette butts on the ground.

The use of alcohol and drugs is generally not permitted. Exceptions may be made for special occasions and with the agreement of our healthcare teams for the use of alcohol.

(Fire) Safety

Dangerous objects and/or prohibited weapons are not allowed in our hospital. If brought in, they may be (temporarily) confiscated, and the police will be contacted.

To minimize the risk of fire in the hospital, we kindly ask you to:

  • Avoid using your own electrical devices (e.g., fans, coffee machines, kettles, and other household appliances) in the hospital.
  • Only small electrical devices for personal hygiene, such as an electric toothbrush, electric shaver, or hairdryer, are allowed. These devices must be undamaged and in good condition. They should also bear the CE marking.
  • Only charge your electrical devices during the day using their original chargers. Place them safely and visibly on the bedside table or a table while charging, not on or in the bed.
  • Burning real candles is strictly prohibited.

Photography, video, and audio recordings

Of yourself

You may take photos, videos, and audio recordings of yourself as long as no other identifiable persons are visible or audible. Before capturing someone else's image, explicit permission must be obtained.

Of others

Only take photos and videos of others with their permission, even if you want to capture a medical procedure, for example.

  • Always ask for permission from the individuals in advance. In principle, written consent is required, unless the circumstances prevent this.
  • Permission is granted solely for private use of the images and excludes social media and/or the distribution of the images.
  • Clearly communicate your intentions for using the photo, video, or audio recording. Do not use them for any other purpose than what was explicitly authorized.
  • If someone refuses or is unable to give permission, you are not allowed to take a photo, video, or audio recording of that person.

Important: Never take photos or videos of staff badges, computer screens, or screens displaying patient or staff photos.

Of patients and visitors by the UZA

To safeguard patient privacy, the UZA does not capture identifiable images of patients, even incidentally. 

Visiting policy

Every patient looks forward to visits. To ensure a smooth visit, certain guidelines must be followed.

You can always find the latest regulations for visitors and accompanying persons here.

Infection prevention and hygiene

  • Do not come to the hospital if you are sick.
  • Read the most recent policy on wearing face masks here.
  • Respect hand hygiene guidelines. Wash and sanitize your hands using the provided hand sanitizers.
  • Our cleaning staff work hard to keep the hospital clean. Please respect their work and help us maintain tidy corridors, toilets, and rooms.
  • Please bring small bouquets of flowers due to limited space around the bed, and avoid bringing plants to minimize the risk of infection. Plants and flowers are not allowed in intensive care units.


Assistance dogs

For safety and hygiene reasons, animals are not allowed in the hospital. However, in specific cases there is an exception for assistance dogs or guide dogs.

Read more about assistance dogs at the UZA.

Camera Surveillance

For your safety and ours, we have installed security cameras in certain areas of the UZA. These cameras do not always store footage but may provide live monitoring in specific cases.

Learn more about camera surveillance in our privacy policy.

Measures and penalties for non-compliance with behavior and house rules

If rules are violated or instructions from our staff are not followed, measures will be taken. This can include a warning or refusal of access to the hospital. In cases involving possession of weapons, threats, aggression, (verbal) violence, drugs, or theft, the police will always be notified.

The behavior rules align with the code of conduct for our employees. You can expect the same behavior and respect from us as we expect from you. Together, we create a calm, safe, and trusted environment where everyone feels comfortable.

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