Everything you need to know about your consultation: appointments, registration and invoice.


Make an appointment

To make an appointment, call  the medical service you need directly or via +32 (0)3 821 30 00. Your GP may also arrange an appointment for you in case of referral. To arrange a follow-up appointment, please report to the main reception at the entrance hall.

Cancel an appointment

If you are unable to attend the hospital at the arranged time, please contact your consultant's secretary to cancel or reschedule your appointment so we can help other patients.

Entrance and registration


On arrival, please report to one of the following desks:

To the policlinical registration office – in the entrance hall, at the right of the stairs:

  • If it's your first time in UZA as a patient
  • If you are not registered with a Belgian health insurance fund
  • In case of an occupational accident, an expertise or a study
  • If a social welfare such as OCMW covers your expenses

Directly to the office of the medical service:

  • If you've already been registered as a patient in UZA
  • If you are registered with a Belgian health insurance fund
  • If you do not come for an occupational accident, an expertise or a study
  • If you do not come for donation
  • If you admit for an NMR scan, a preoperative examination or radiotherapy


For administrative and medical purposes, your full details should be registered correctly. Therefore your records are checked by means of official identity documents.

In some cases a deposit of 50 euro is required:

  • If you are not registered with a Belgian health insurance fund
  • If you do not have an address in Belgian or abroad
  • If you do not have a valid payment guarantee from your social welfare
  • If you are in arrear

What do you need to bring for your registration?

  • Electronic identity card (eID), Kids-ID, ISI+-card or foreigners' card
  • Social security card
  • Name, address and telephone number of a contact person (family member, neighbour)
  • Full details of your physician
  • For foreign residents: health insurance card, social welfare guarantee or document E112
  • List of your medication
  • Medical documents (lab results, referral letters …)

Accommodation near the hospital

If you or your family want to stay near the hospital prior to, during or after your visit, you can go to hotel Drie Eiken, located right next to the hospital.

Your family can also stay at guest house Ter Weyde, also located close to the hospital.

Financial information


Two months after your consultation you will receive an invoice, which is drafted as clear and transparent as possible.


The invoice has to be paid within 14 days after reception. If you have questions concerning your invoice or payment difficulties, please contact the debtors ledger (Debiteurenadministratie).

If you do not pay, interest on arrears corresponding to the legal interest rates are charged after the first formal notice of the hospital, including an auditional audit and account charge of 2,48 EUR. If you still do not pay, the file will immediately be transferred for debt recovery. If a letter of formal notice from a judicial executor or judicial proceedings are necessary, an additional flat-rate assessment of 10% of the invoice will be charged, with a minimum charge of 50 EUR.

More information or complaints about an invoice

For more information about your invoice, please contact the debtors ledge on +32 3 821 31 28 (from Monday to Friday 08:15-12:00 and 13:00-16:30) or facturen [at] uza [dot] be

Report any complaints within 14 days after receiving the invoice by means of a letter to the following address, including the invoice number and description of the complaint:

Debiteurenadministratie (Debtors Ledge)
Drie Eikenstraat 655
2650 Edegem

Interpreting service

If you feel that you need help communicating in Dutch, you may bring along a native speaking relative to the hospital. The Antwerp University Hospital may also consult a network of foreign language speaking staff, interpreters, the interpreting service of Antwerp and the telephone interpreting service Babel. To request an interpreter, please let us know in advance when scheduling your visit.