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Clinical biology

We are a reference lab and work closely together with the research labs of the University of Antwerp:

Together, they are the vaccine and infection diseases institute of the University of Antwerp (VAXINFECTIO). VAXINFECTIO is one of the 5 excellence centres of the University of Antwerp. 

The clinical lab UZA is a partner in i-4-1-Health 

i-4-1-Health is a cross-border research project, investigating the presence and prevalence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the region Flanders-Netherlands in human and veterinary medicine and public health. The goal is to improve control of the antimicrobial resistance problem and facilitate preservation of effective healthcare in the future. The project is financially supported by the European Regional Development Fund. 

The clinical lab UZA is a co-projectpartner in this study and is actively involved in several work-packages:

  • The creation of an international network for sharing knowledge in hospitals and public health
  • Development of a digital tool to prevent infection with and distribution of antibiotic-resistant bacteria (IRIS)
  • Development of a Whole Genome Sequencing platform in order to track and trace resistant bacteria

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