Check-in and registration

Check-in and registration

Where to check-in?

  • Take a ticket at the central kiosk in the main entrance hall and take a seat in the waiting area to the right.
  • Wait until your number appears on the screen. Have your identification document and supplementary insurance documents ready. Check-in at the registration desk.
  • The order of registration depends on bed availability. Please note that ambulance personnel always have priority during registration.

If you are unable to come due to illness or other circumstances, please notify us as soon as possible by calling this number: +32 3 821 30 00. Please note: Missed appointments for scheduled admissions may be charged at 90 euros.

How does the admission registration process work?

To ensure a smooth registration process, several steps will be taken.

Verification of your information

For administrative and medical purposes, it is important to register your information accurately and completely.

Always bring your ID card (eID), KidsID, or ISI+ card to UZA

This is important because it is the only way for us to apply the third-party payer system. With this system, you only pay your portion of the costs to the healthcare provider (co-payment), while other expenses are directly reimbursed by your health insurance. If you do not have your eID, KidsID, or ISI+ card with you from 01/01/2024 onwards, you will always have to pay a deposit for medical services. Without scanning your eID, ISI+ card, or KidsID, the regulations no longer allow the third-party payer system.

During the registration, you will receive:

  • labels for your identification on various documents and samples during your stay
  • an identification bracelet with your name and date of birth to be worn until you leave the hospital
  • directions to the nursing department where you will be staying (a volunteer may accompany you to your department if needed)

Identification during your stay

Check if the information on the identification bracelet is correct. Always wear this wristband during your stay. If the band becomes loose, dirty, or damaged, please request a new one from the nurse. Our healthcare providers regularly check the information on the band to provide you with the appropriate care.

Signing the admission declaration

During your registration, we will ask you to sign the legal and official admission declaration. By doing so, you confirm your room choice; moreover; you agree to the legally established financial conditions and to the ones established by the hospital.

Do you have hospitalization insurance?

If you have hospitalization insurance, it is advisable to notify your insurance provider before your admission. UZA has arrangements with insurance companies that work through Assurcard, Medi-Assistance, Medi-Card (DKV Belgium), and Van Breda.

If you have hospitalization insurance through Assurcard©, you can already report your admission at the Assurcard© kiosk located near the registration waiting area. You can also do this in advance through the Assurcard© website or by phone.

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