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Welcome to Tumorbank @ UZA - advancing translational research in oncology.

Learn more about our sample availability, sample request procedure and services on our website!

Learn more about the history, objectives, organigram, funding, storage and data and quality system of Tumorbank @ UZA.

Read the latest updates about Tumorbank @ UZA.

  • 15-09-2016: Elke Smits becomes president of the European, Middle Eastern and African Society for Biopreservation and Biobanking (ESBB)
  • 05-04-2016: ISBER 2016 Conference (Berlin, Germany)
  • 24-02-2016: Join us at the Tumorbank Research Club lecture

Tumorbank @ UZA collects residual material from both benign and malignant tumour tissue and blood samples.

Both academic and non-academic researchers can be granted access to our sample collection. Discover how.

A wide range of services, from sample collection to storage and processing, is offered by Tumorbank @ UZA.

Tumorbank @ UZA is a partner of the Belgian Cancer Registry and participates in multiple international working groups.

Publications, posters and documents provide more details about Tumorbank @ UZA.

Questions, requests or information about Tumorbank @ UZA? Feel free to contact us.

De analyse van lichaamsmateriaal is belangrijk voor het verbeteren van de gezondheidszorg. Lees meer over de regeling rond het gebruik van restmateriaal.