Scientific research Coordination Cell

Scientific research Coordination Cell

The UZA assigns a prominent place to research.  Knowledge and scientific research are increasingly taking centre stage in support of care and education. In 2008 the Council and the Medical Board created two posts to support this policy: scientific project manager and statistician.  Together they form the research cell.

Elke Smits, as scientific project manager, is the central point of contact for all enquiries about the content of scientific and clinical research.  In constant dialogue with the doctors and researchers involved, the aim is to actively look for possible partners and channels for finance in order to build on the UZA’s research activities.

Kristien Wouters, as the statistician, supports the UZA researchers with all their questions about statistics: from power calculations for clinical studies to checking the statistics produced in the context of project applications, trials or publications.


Secretariat: +32 3 821 35 83 or +32 3 821 47 75 (room S109)

Research cell:

  • Scientific project manager: +32 3 821 40 49  - (room S107)
  • Statistician: +32 3 821 55 94 - (room S106)
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