Sample request

Read more about how to gain access to the material in our sample collection.

Sample request procedure

Both academic as non-academic researchers can be granted access to our sample collection. If we have samples that are of interest to you and you would like to gain access to the material, we have an established procedure that needs to be followed.

1. Request form

First a request form that is part of the HMTA needs to be filled in by the researcher.

2. Tumorbank Advisory Board (TBA)

If all is clear, the request form will be forwarded to the Tumorbank Advisory Board (TBA), who will evaluate the project within 10 working days starting on the first Monday after submission. The request will be evaluated on the following criteria: relevance to oncology, availability of samples, scientific value and valorization, adequacy of funding for the proposed project. In case members of the advisory board have additional questions to be able to evaluate the project, you might be asked for clarification by email.

3. Ethics Committee UZA

If the project is approved, the researcher will be informed by email. After positive evaluation by the TBA, the UZA Ethics Committee will evaluate the sample request. 

4. Finalisation of HMTA

In case of positive evaluation by the UZA Ethics Committee, the request form will be signed by the Tumorbank Coordinator. Together with the HMTA, this approved and signed request form constitutes the final HMTA between UZA and the applying organization.

In case of negative evaluation of your request, you will be informed of this decision. Depending on your request, costs will be agreed upon before finalisation of the contract.

More information

For information, questions, availability of material and/or help with completing the requestform please contact the biobank managers Sofie Goethals and/or Annemieke De Wilde.