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Safety first

Safety first

UZA has taken the necessary measures and is doing everything possible to welcome patients, visitors and employees in a safe manner. We ask that you follow these guidelines carefully in order to protect yourself, other patients and our employees. 

Extra safety measures in the UZA

  • Appointments are done as much as possible by phone or video call. Where necessary the appointment takes place at the UZA itself. Your treating physician will make an accurate assessment of what is most appropriate for your situation.
  • Patients who have an upcoming appointment complete an online questionnaire in advance in which we ask about their health status. This will enable us to take proper precautions.
  • Patients who are admitted will be tested in advance (at home or in our screening unit for COVID-19). 
  • Patients with (suspection of) COVID-19 are separately looked after and treated.
  • The UZA is only accessible through the main entrance. You will pass a check-in area where you can also disinfect your hands. We'll also check your temperature with a heat camera.
  • Patients are asked to arrive on time, but not too far in advance. 30 to 45 minutes before your appointment is sufficient. This will speed up the process of getting to your appointment.
  • All our employees wear a face mask. Our patients, visitors and supervisors also wear a face mask during their visit to the UZA.
  • We guarantee 1.5 meters distance in our waiting rooms and at the receptions. We count on your cooperation.
  • Visiting possibilities are limited and only if really necessary, you can bring one companion to you appointment.
  • There's a maximum of four people in the elevator. 
  • There are several places in the UZA where you can disinfect your hands.
Laatst aangepast: 23 september 2020