Research: constant innovation

Research: constant innovation

Scientific research distinguishes us from the general hospitals

Scientific research is the sphere in which university centres stand out from other hospitals. The UZA as a university centre actively cooperates in the constant improvement of health care by conducting scientific research.

It is because of this research that can we continue to innovate and develop new techniques and treatments from which patients will benefit in the future. Every year many patients in the UZA take part in clinical studies. This is done on a voluntary basis.

Partnership with the University of Antwerp

Research in the faculty of medicine and the biomedical sciences of the University of Antwerp and the UZA is coordinated as much as possible.

The focus of the UZA research policy

From 2004 the focus of the UZA has been laid on the Centre for Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine (CCRG). In addition to cell therapy in the coming years it will be investing in the further development of a number of investigative fields. After all, we want to focus on our strengths. In that way, we can develop innovative applications that lead to better and more efficient care, both in diagnosis and treatment.

We have therefore adopted three overarching axes, in which we have both clinical and scientific strengths, namely:

In addition we give priority to a number of technological platforms in support of these axes:

Research resources

There are three channels for finance:

  • external funding from the government (FWO [Fund for Scientific Research], IWT [Agency for Innovation through Science and Technology])
  • external funding from the industry (trials and structural partnership agreements)
  • internal stimulus funds (patronage fund, government fund)

The scientific research cell coordinates the use of the funds and supports doctors and researchers in the execution of strategic analyses as well as the writing, submission and follow-up of research proposals.

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