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Tumorbank @ UZA: collecting tumor tissue and blood samples.

Tissue samples

We collect residual material from both benign and malignant tumour tissue. If possible, the central part of the tumour, the tumour invasion front and macroscopically tumour free reference material is sampled in close collaboration with a pathologist or trained macroscopy expert. Both flash frozen and formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) samples are stored in the tumourbank. 

Blood samples

Currently, there are two different types of blood samples in our collection:

First of all we collect residual serum samples from oncology patients after diagnostic analysis in the clinical biology lab of UZA. 

Secondly we also collect fresh blood samples with informed consent. These blood samples are, depending on the needs, immediately processed into different fractions (serum, plasma, buffy coat and red blood cells) and flash frozen. We also offer storage of whole blood EDTA tubes. 


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