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About us

Tumorbank @ UZA: advancing translational research in oncology


Since 1980, a rich archive of residual tumor samples is present at the UZA pathology laboratory. In March 2008 the Belgian National Cancer Plan (NCP) was launched by Mrs. L. Onkelinx, Federal Minister of Social affairs and Public Health. To promote translational cancer research and the collaboration between different cancer researchers in Belgium, one of the initiatives of the NCP (initiative 27) was the creation of a Belgian Virtual Tumourbank. Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Pauwels, head of molecular pathology and Prof. Dr. Peeters, head of the Multidisciplinary Oncological Centre of Antwerp (MOCA), Tumorbank @ UZA was established in 2009. 

The procedure of retrieving samples under informed consent and presumed consent, and the sample request procedure are approved by the UZA ethics committee.

There is a close collaboration with the oncology research group from the University of Antwerp.