Donations and support

Donations and support

Donations to the UZA are managed by the patronage fund. Every year it receives approximately 500,000 euro in gifts.

UZA patronage fund

The patronage fund was established in 1998 to manage gifts and legacies. It is intended to support scientific research, innovative patient care and education. The Medical Board annually checks how much money is available via the fund and chooses which projects or activities are eligible for financial support.

The UZA is devoting considerable resources to investigating rare metabolic diseases. In Belgium 800 children suffer from a rare metabolic disease. The disease is usually congenital and difficult to treat. A life-long diet, an organ transplant or certain medicines can help some patients, but not others. The UZA wants to develop scientific research into new and better methods of treating metabolic diseases. Via the UZA patronage fund you can also contribute to a hopeful future for these young patients.


  • Both companies and individuals can make gifts or leave legacies to the patronage fund.
  • You could also transfer a gift to a particular department or project. In that case please mention the specific project when you make the bank transfer.
  • You can make gifts or leave legacies to a name or for a particular area of research. These tax-deductible gifts can be deposited into UZA account number 001-0893155-55 with the statement ‘patronage fund’. If you support a specific department or project, you will be kept informed of what is being done with your gift.

The fund is managed by:

  • Dr. Jan Proesmans, chairman
  • Mr. Peter Ampe, Bank De Maertelaere
  • Mr. Paul Versaen, Van Lamschot Bankiers
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