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Informatie voor UZA-patiënten en bezoekers | Reserveer hier een afspraak voor een PCR-test
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Welcome @ UZA

Welcome @ UZA


UZA has taken the necessary measures and is doing everything possible to welcome patients, visitors and employees in a safe manner. We ask that you follow these guidelines carefully in order to protect yourself, other patients and our employees.  

Do you want to be tested for COVID-19? You can do so in one of our test centres.


On the pages below we would like to explain in detail what you can expect during your visit to the UZA and how you can prepare. Read this information carefully before coming to the UZA. You will also find specific information for referrers and volunteers.

Getting around the UZA safely and efficiently: a few measures explained

  • You always enter through the main entrance. You will pass a check-in area here and disinfect your hands.
  • Wear your own face mask when you come to the UZA (exceptions: children up to 12 years old and disabled persons who cannot wear a mouth mask due to their disability).
  • Arrive on time, but not too far in advance. 15 minutes before your appointment is sufficient. This will enable you get through check-in smoothly and will allow us to guarantee sufficient physical distance.
  • Hospital visits are restricted and only if it is really necessary, you can bring one companion. Please read the full visiting policy here
  • Postpone your visit to the hospital if you were recently in a risk area, if you have had close contact with an infected person, and/or if you are showing any symptoms. 
View the measures the UZA is taking to guarantee safety for you as well as our staff here.

Do not delay your emergency visit if you need emergency care.

Not feeling well and in need of emergency care? Don't hesitate to come to the hospital. Even if your complaints have nothing to do with COVID-19, a quick diagnosis and treatment is necessary. We have taken all necessary measures at the UZA to ensure that the environment is as safe as possible for everyone who visits our hospital.

Thanks to all the helping hands

A lot of enthusiastic helping hands have shown solidarity in recent weeks by helping the UZA in the time of COVID-19. Thousands of face masks were sewn, cookies were baked and a number of external volunteers were brought in. Your commitment to helping us in many ways is more than heart-warming.

Our sincere thanks for all you have done!

Protect yourself and others

To protect yourself and others, there are six golden rules to follow. Do you belong to a high-risk group? Then be sure to read the specific recommendations. 

6 golden rules to protect yourself and others

  • Respect the hygiene rules.
  • Take your activities outside.
  • Think about vulnerable people.
  • Keep your distance (1.5m).
  • Limit your close contacts.
  • Follow the rules on gatherings.
More tips are available on the government website.

Specific recommendations and care for 'sensitive' patients

General information about COVID-19

Our FAQ contains answers to frequently asked questions about the coronavirus COVID-19. (only available in Dutch)

More information (in English) can be found at:

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